About the Music Education Council

The Music Education Council draws its membership from across the entire music education and music industry sectors. Through its corporate members MEC represents tens of thousands of music educators across the UK. This gives it a uniquely big picture of music education and is why MEC is the umbrella body for all UK organisations connected with music education.

It exists to bring together and provide a forum for members to debate issues affecting music education and to make representation and promote appropriate action at local, national and international level.

Music Education Council: Objectives

  • liaise with and represent member music and music education organisations and individuals with and to all relevant government and statutory bodies
  • attend and contribute to all major UK forums, conferences and committees involving music education
  • advocate on behalf of music education
  • encourage access to all genres of music through inclusive music education for all
  • maintain representative interest groups responding to current issues involving music and music education
  • promote research in music education, and its impact on policy and practice
  • promote events, including Full Council meetings to discuss important aspects of music education
  • contribute to public debate on music education in the media and to respond to such debates on behalf of member organisations
  • contribute to the work of ISME and act as a UK link for this organisation
  • ensure that MEC’s strategy is reviewed regularly

Music Education Council: Aims

  • to act as the UK’s umbrella body for all organisations an individuals involved with music education
  • to promote and support all aspects of music education
  • to raise public awareness of the nature, purpose and benefits of music education
  • to work actively with central and local government to establish effective structures and to provide adequate funding for all areas of music education
  • to encourage the highest possible quality and standards in music education

Music Education Council: Constitution and Structure

On 27th March 2017 the Council voted to accept a new constitution which provides for a smaller Trustee Board and a broader Forum of members.  The constitution can be found here.

The background to the changes can be found here. Transitional arrangements were put in place to move MEC from the old to the new constitution can be found here.

MEC operates through its Trustee Board, Forum, Special Interest Groups and time-limited Task and Finish Groups. An explanation of the structure can be found here.

Music Education Council: Privacy Policy

The Music Education Council respects your right to privacy and want to be as transparent as possible about what data we collect and how we use it. Our updated Privacy Policy provides extra detail on where and why we collect your personal data, how it will be processed and the safeguards we have in place to protect it.