The Music Education Council – A Concerted Approach – Message from the Chair

  As Music Education Council members, you are music education experts.

You are experts at pedagogy, research, lobbying, teaching and more. You have special interest areas in early years, additional needs, the curriculum, music technology and more. You are here if someone needs some help or advice.

The music education sector is growing and the boundaries are blurring with arts and culture.  More than ever the sector needs opportunities to share ideas and convictions, to find out who is working in a similar way, to show a joined-up approach.

The Music Education Council offers seminars, open to members and non-members. These are opportunities to discuss medium and long term goals as well as consider emerging unexpected agendas. These cut across the four nations.

The Music Education Council membership votes a small number of organisations and individuals to be a part of the Forum. This Forum meets quarterly and takes an in-depth look at the sector.

The Music Education Council membership has created a number of Special Interest Groups. These groups meet when and how they like and address the agendas that are key to them. They also give expert opinion from their standpoint to more generic issues.

The Mission Statement that our past chair created still stands and, as new chair, I sign up to this too.

I believe that the Music Education Council (MEC) has the capacity to bring together in a working relationship all those organisations and institutions in the United Kingdom involved in music education. MEC facilitates a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information and the promotion of joint or connected activities. 

During my period as chair, it is my intention to continue to improve communications, ensuring we have a strong evidence base for everything MEC says on behalf of music education. There is more that unites than divides us and, by working together, we can unite all those who wish to make a difference to the lives of children and adults through the power of music. 

As a founding member of ISME – the International Society for Music Education’s – Council of Professional Associations, MEC also brings an important international perspective to all we do, as well as the opportunity to learn from best practice all over the world. 

It is my intention to ensure MEC is proactive, reactive and above all, representative.

Through facilitating discussion and debate, MEC enables the sector to be better informed about the views different parts of the sector hold, including understanding why those differences exist.  MEC helps to find common ground where possible and, following consultation with its members and the MEC Forum, the MEC Trustees determine how best to move forward where there is disagreement.

If you are reading this, you are a part of the future direction of music education for all ages, and my hope is that you wish to be part of the solution.

Fiona Pendreigh Chair 2019 – 2021

Richard Hallam  Chair 2016 – 2019