Music Commission launches its report

Music education must move into the 21st century or risk failing generations of young talent – warns new report

New measures to transform music learning for the 21st century are today proposed by leading contemporary music figures who warn that whole generations of talent risk being left out of a system that is in danger of becoming rapidly outdated and ill equipped to reach and support the passions of young music learners.

The Music Commission’s report, Retuning our Ambitions for Music Learning: Every Child Taking Music Further concludes that supporting every young person, regardless of background or circumstances, to take their music further must now become the focus of music educationIt argues that music is central in creating skills for a modern economy and society and that, beyond the music industry generating significant economic value, taking music further improves confidence, academic attainment and social skills; all vital for young people in the 21st century.

MEC Chair, Fiona Pendreigh, says “As the umbrella organisation for music education in the UK, MEC welcomes this new report from the Music Commission and, with the MEC Forum, we will be considering in more detail how to respond. The report reiterates much of what MEC members, through seminars and Special Interest Groups, have been discussing for some time. It is important that the music education sector takes the lead in driving forward a quality music education for all in the 21st century and MEC members will be discussing the recommendations in this latest report, as well as others that have launched recently, at the first seminar of the year on 28th March

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