MEC's Position Statement

The Music Education Council is the gathering of the most diverse and knowledgeable voices in the UK, promoting the educational and social value of music.

At its heart, it is a UK Council that, through its members, acts as expert adviser, champion of standards in learning and enabler of change. MEC aims to help create a society where everyone benefits from the personal, social and educational value of music.

STRATEGICALLY, our council inclusively convenes diverse organisations, networks and people and:

  • is a well-informed aggregator of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
  • gathers intelligence and evidence and distils key research, policy and testimony horizon-scans for opportunities and challenges.
  • is a collective forum for creatively developing ideas and action.
  • engages as an authentic voice in evidence-based campaigning to encourage decision-makers and influencers across UK society.


TACTICALLY, our council acts to influence multi-sector understanding and interventions in relation to key issues by:

  • advising government, educators, wider social sector decision-makers and citizens.
  • maintaining a focus on what ‘quality and excellence’ mean in practice for music learning.
  • engaging in an international dialogue on effective practice.
  • positioning latest research and advocacy materials from the UK and around the world at the fingertips of those campaigning for greater uptake in music learning and those making key decisions across sectors.


PRACTICALLY, an annual programme of activity is devised collaboratively by the Council’s board and members and includes:

  • Services to Members – factsheets, policy summaries and news updates, seminars and networking sessions, provocations, workshops, and speeches
  • Thematic Commissions – led by Council members, making cross-sectoral interventions with wider stakeholders on critical issues.
  • Formal Advisory roles – with Government and others through membership of external committees and through consultative processes.
  • Council Communiques – occasional national interventions requiring full Council statements.
  • Standing Committees – notably on inclusive excellence in music education in schools and non-formal setting.