MEC Newsletters

MEC members are entitled to post as many items to the newsletters as they choose. For corporate members this can be any events / services / resources / projects that they wish to promote to the whole music education sector. Individual members can post information about their own work – but not work that they carry out for an organisation – we ask that the organisation considers becoming a MEC member in order to promote its work.

Non members can ask for ONE promotional item per year to be included in the newsletter.

There is a level of MEC membership which is solely for the purpose of listing items in the newsletter – contact for details.

Other items are included where the MEC office have picked up some news or information which it believes will be of interest to members.

Copy (150 words max, plus any hyperlinks to websites / documents) should be e-mailed to by the copy deadline shown below.

Published newsletters will be available for download here 2 weeks after circulation to MEC members.

2019 Newsletter Number 1

2019 Newsletter Number 2 (will be uploaded 2 weeks after circulation to MEC members)

2019 Newsletter Number 3 – copy date 15 March  2019

2019 Newsletter Number 4 – copy date 15 April 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 5 – copy date 15 May 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 6 – copy date 15 June 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 7 – copy date 15 July 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 8 – copy date 15 September 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 9 – copy date 15 October 2019

2019 Newsletter Number 10 – copy date 15 November 2019