Higher Education and Initial Teacher Training

Facilitated by:

Gordon Munro via admin@mec.org.uk

Gary Spruce via admin@mec.org.uk

The context

  • Given the pressure to adopt a narrow, target driven approach to education in many schools the continuing presence of music is more than ever dependent on high quality teaching throughout both primary and secondary education.
  • Schools need a confident music teacher with a broad-based subject knowledge and a strong pedagogical foundation.
  • Initial teacher education should equip new teachers with the right tools to fulfil this role wherever they choose to work.
  • Trainee teachers should be exposed to a range of teaching styles and environments supported by a strong pedagogy.
  • Focus on developing the skills of music educators that can be implemented in diverse contexts, not just learning specific pedagogical approaches which might have limmited applications.
  • Encourage the capacity for critical reflection, understanding what approaches are required in which educational settings.
  • In-school training should recognise the special nature of subjects taught by very small departments.
  • All classroom and instrumental teachers should have access to appropriate specialist, subject-based CPD training including ITT.
  • There is much good practice in both teaching and training, but there is limited awareness.
  • OFSTED does not inspect music provision in schools making it easier for music to slip down the list of priorities within the school curriculum.


The music sector

  • Recognise, celebrate and support outstanding teacher training both in and out of schools.
  • Support the continuing development of CMEs at level 4 and higher.
  • Identify and share best practice in CPD across Music Hubs (Action Music Mark)
  • Encourage the active engagement of the hubs in initial training and CPD. (Action MEC, Music Mark)
  • Look at how to engage more with head teachers reinforcing the value of music for the whole school. (Action all MEC members)
  • Look at how to engage more with parents reinforcing the value and positive impacts of music in schools. (Action all MEC members)
  • Support primary school generalists through an online database of local expertise in specific skills (choral conducting, using the voice)
  • Foster links with Adult Music Education sharing best practice. (Action MEC)

The Government

  • Review how to reflect the significance of music for a child’s education through:
    • The revised inspections by OFSTED; (Action MEC)
    • Inclusion of the Arts in the Ebacc. (Action MEC)