Overseen by Lincoln Abbotts –

Four questions have been identified which need addressing:

1. How do young people learn – ingredients for musical learning

2. How does a young musician/ parent/teacher know how to progress‎?

3. What is getting in the way of progression?

4. ‎‎Why progress? What are the benefits of progressing – do we‎ as a sector share a big enough vision about this?



MEC will work closely with all member organisations undertaking work relating to Progression in its many and varied forms and with the newly established Commission – setting out a compelling case for why it’s important to progress, to develop musical potential

MEC will play its part in encouraging all organisations with an interest in progression to maintain contact with each other and to share their plans

MEC will strive to make a contribution to any meeting, debate and conference where Progression is on the agenda as we strive to articulate a rich, meaningful and contemporary understanding and definition of progression

MEC will help the sector to celebrate the fact that young people want to play music and they want to progress and will share case studies where they are useful to illustrate specific aspects of progression – particularly where these can illustrate that Progression is both about breadth and depth of learning as well as in terms of the different linear routes available.

MEC will collate key messages around Progression, including Gifted and Talented to inform meetings with policy and decision makers