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Within Music Education for All, quality will depend, at least in part, on the purpose and context of the activity. Research regularly references the importance of quality experiences in the arts and music. Further, evidence indicates that poor quality experiences can actually do harm. Yet no practitioner sets out to do poor quality work. By working together and, through MEC member organisations, with practitioners, MEC will ensure issues of quality are addressed in all of the MEC’s other working groups.


  • In 2012 Arts Council commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and Shared Intelligence to undertake a review of existing quality frameworks in relation to work for, by and with children and young people. This work forms part of Arts Council’s children and young people goal, focusing on high quality arts experiences for children and young people. The final report is Raising the standard of work by, with and for children and young people: research and consultation to understand the principles of quality
  • Ofsted published its’ judgements criteria for quality music lessons – see Making More of Music reports, primary and secondary.
  • Ofsted published a report on partnership working in music in schools. Sound Partnerships can be found here.
  • Ofsted published its new inspection handbook in September 2015 – pages 34/35/36 and 39/40/41 are relevant to judgements of quality of teaching and learning.
  • Youth Music developed a Quality framework using its own previous work, the findings from the NFER work and consultation.
  • Following publication of its Inspiring Music for All report in 2014 the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has launched Inspire Music. Through this programme PHF will be gathering, explaining and disseminating a wide range of real-life examples of effective practice, training and strategy – showing ways to inspire and include all children in positive music learning opportunities, whatever the circumstances of the school or setting.


  • MEC to review the Music Education Awards – how and what these awards should ‘celebrate and share’ in 2019.
  • MEC to seek other quality frameworks that are currently in use – completed, see updated NfER roundup of documents related to quality on pages 43 onwards here; and see section 5 of The power of equality 2: final evaluation of Youth Music’s Musical Inclusion programme 2012-2015 available to download here.
  • MEC to seek examples of good practice through each of the working groups – in progress