Facilitated by Michelle James –

Singing was not the subject of any specific focus in either the seminars or the summer consultation. However, in response to the consultation, Rebecca Walsh, Chief Executive of The Voices Foundation, suggested that there should be a working group specifically for singing. The Music Education Council fully agreed.

As implied by Music Education for All, the MEC feels that the full range and diversity of repertoire and styles are important. Quality and progression were identified as key themes that the music education sector needs to address and this is as true of singing as any other aspect of music education. For this reason it is brilliant that we have the diverse expertise and experience of this working group.

Colleagues agreed to have the confidence to speak frankly and openly with one another and to respect each other’s views. Together we aim to arrive at comments/ questions for consideration by the wider music education sector and by other MEC working groups early in 2016.

An update on thinking, areas of discussion and a list of members as at February 2016 can be seen here.

The notes from the first face to face meeting of the singing working group (April 2016) can be seen here.