Task and Finish Groups (TFGs), by definition, will deal with key tasks that have been identified by the MEC Forum for priority action.

Tasks will be specific and time-limited, with a clear intended outcome.

Relevant MEC members will be asked to join TFGs.

TFGs will be listed here and their activity will be notified on the News section of the website.

Task and Finish Group on Child Licencing

MEC will facilitate ongoing discussion within the sector to identify and report on the full extent of the challenges facing those working with children on performances that require a licence. Having completed this, representatives will present the findings to government officials in the hope of finding a workable, practical solution which can ensure performance opportunities for children and young people are not hampered or cancelled (whilst continuing to respect and be mindful of the importance of protecting children and young people from exploitation).

Task and Finish Group – The Music Commission

The aim is for the group to be in a position to respond on behalf of MEC – representing the whole of the music education sector – to the ongoing work of the Music Commission. The Music Commission describes its purpose thus:

“Learning music benefits us all. Evidence shows the individual, societal and economic benefits of learning music are of significant value; Yet many people do not pursue their musical learning. The Music Commission aims to understand why and offer practical solutions so that more people can sustain their interest and involvement in learning music.”

The work of the TFG will end when the commission has published its final report.