What does MEC do? And how does it do it?

MEC performs an important service by being a balanced point of reference and secure source of information for what is going on in the wider music sector beyond the particular interests of an individual or the individual member organisations.


  • provides a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information
  • arranges events to discuss important aspects of music education
  • facilitates collaboration
  • promotes research in music education, and its impact on policy and practice
  • attends and contributes to major UK forums, conferences and committees
  • contributes to public debate and responds to current issues on music education
  • advocates on behalf of music education and training
  • represents the views of its membership to all relevant government and statutory bodies
  • works collaboratively with other national and international organisations to further the cause of music education
  • represents UK music education at international events

How does MEC do that?

In carrying out the above activities MEC operates in three ways:

  • Proactive:
  • Reactive:

But, above all, MEC is

  •  Representative:

Through facilitating discussion and debate MEC enables the sector to be better informed about the views different parts of the sector hold, including understanding why those differences exist.  MEC helps to find common ground where possible and, following consultation with its members the MEC Trustees, with advice from the MEC Forum, determine how best to move forward where there is disagreement.

Regular News Updates keep MEC members and members of MEC member organisations fully informed.

MEC 2016 to 2019 will be addressing:

  • The future of music education 2018 to 2020 and beyond
  • Funding and policy development for music education 2018 to 2020 and beyond
  • Music Education for All, with particular reference to early childhood; those with Additional Support Needs and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; Adults; and routes into and support for those in the music industry.

MEC Forum and groups

  • The MEC Forum consists of 12 standing list organisations (elected by the MEC membership) and 6 individually elected members. The MEC Forum oversees and coordinates the work of the MEC Special Interest Groups and the Task and Finish Groups
  • Special Interest Groups enable members to discuss, electronically or in person, issues of mutual interest.
  • Task and Finish Groups tackle specific pieces of work and may include members from a range of Special Interest Groups.