Will Michael Jazz Awards 2016

This year’s Jazz UK Will Michael Jazz Education Awards will be presented on Sunday 18 September at CAST in Doncaster in association with the Doncaster Music Education Hub, and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. These Awards are important because they are the only means of according national recognition to those Music Hubs and Music Services which can demonstrate a commitment to jazz education.

Jazz UK (which exists to promote and develop jazz in the UK, http://jazzuk.org.uk/ ) is looking for evidence of commitment to jazz education within Hub / Music Service provision for schools, community education, and adult continuing education.

The Awards criteria (not all of which would need to be met) to which the Awards Panel of Jazz UK has regard when considering submissions are available here and from Ivor Widdison, Chair of the Jazz UK Awards Panel at ivorwiddison@gmail.com who will also be happy to respond to any queries in connection with the Awards. You are also encouraged to include any other aspect of provision or support which the submitting Hub / Music Service considers merits acknowledgement. Submissions should be emailed to ivorwiddison@gmail.com by Monday 15 August 2016.

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